Information for Exhibitors

FIFe International Cat Show Ljubljana, Slovenia 

14th and 15th of May 2022 

Dear exhibitors!

We are pleased that you have decided to take part in our cat show held on 14th and 15th of May 2022 at hala Tivoli Ljubljana. Below you will find some useful information regarding the show. 


The exhibition will take place in the ice hockey arena at Tivoli hall in the Tivoli city park. The entrance for the exhibitots will be through the service entrance at the bottom of the hall, as you can see on the picture below.  





Parking is possible at the official parking area Tivoli II (see below). It is payable according to the price list, announced at the site (0.7€/h). 



The veterinary control will take place on Saturday from 7:30-9:00 and on Sunday from 8:00-9:00. The judging starts at 10:00. 

All cats must attend the veterinary check at the entrance, which will be done according to Slovenian legislation and FIFe rules or as stated here. All cats present at show need to have passport. During the show, the cats' cages must be suitably furnished and decorated. Water, food and litter tray must be available at the cats' disposal. If the veterinary and mentioned conditions will not be respected, exhibitors may be asked to leave the show venue. 

Other animals (dogs, cats from visitors) will not be permitted to enter the show venue.

The show will end at 19:00 on Saturday and 18:00 on Sunday.


There will be two tables available for grooming per sector. Please be friendly to other exhibitors when using them. Exhibitors are asked to bring their own chairs, although access to the bleachers will be available throughout the exhibition.


Additional information is available at the show website:

See you soon!